Deliver Reinforced Concrete

Why not add the rebar and the rebar installation labor to your business model. SteelX is the reinforcement of choice for ready-mix batch plants. With improved concrete ductility, lower dosages, easy loading and excellent distribution throughout the concrete matrix SteelX is the first choice to offer your clients.

Batch Procedure

SteelX is the easiest product on the market to add, mix and record. Use the batching procedure below to batch concrete mix trucks.

1) Add the total SteelX to the truck or central mix drum.
  • Add the total SteelX to the truck or central mix drum, prior to any other materials being added. This can be directly or via a conveyor belt.

2) Add initial batch water then mix for 60 seconds
  • Add the initial batch water (50-90% of mix water and additives) run the drum at mix speed for 60 seconds allowing the SteelX to mix with the water before adding any other materials.
3) Add all other materials
  • Add all other materials as per normal batching procedures. Be careful not to allow cement to be added alone as this can case balls of cement.

4) Record it on the batch ticket.
  • This gives clients and engineers peace-of-mind that the SteelX they require is in the truck.