Why use SteelX for your project?

If you want to remove mesh and rebar, cut costs, improve safety, reduce your schedule and improve strength then you need SteelX 5:25.

Below are examples for how SteelX 5:25 can be used to replace conventional steel reinforcement.

When you’re ready, contact us and let our engineering team help you get the most out of a SteelX design.

Eliminate rebar in footings

From this

To this

Eliminate rebar in electrical duct banks

From this

To this

Dramatically extend the life cycle of bridge decks

40 lbs per Cubic Yard Gen 1 TSR and rebar, the study to the right has all the details.

Reduce the complexity of heavy structural designs

From this

To this

60% less rebar

Eliminate mesh and or rebar in slabs

Residential basement foundations

Replace rebar with SteelX and you can take a man off of the crew and finish 1.5 hours earlier every day on a production basement.


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